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Dog Boarding in Adelaide

dog6From the moment your pet arrives they will settle in very quickly in the comfortable and spacious dog boarding kennels containing all the amenities.

For larger pets we have fully insulated indoor/outdoor runs, which allow shelter from the summer sun and heat and from the winter rain and cold. The kennels have dry, elevated and flea free hammock beds with automated drinking bowls. The internal sleeping quarters have solid dividers to ensure all guests have their own private sleeping area.

For our larger guests or multiple pet households we have family accommodation available.

All dogs participate in a twice-daily individual exercise session or if your dog is sociable with a specially selected friend at your request.

Our separate small dog facility features fully insulated individual accommodation for your pet away from all of the “big kids”. Each animal is supplied with a flea free hammock bed and you are more than welcome to bring along a favourite toy and/or blanket to make their stay more comfortable.

If your smaller friend is social and enjoys the company of other small dogs, they will love our group “Yappy Hour” morning and afternoon. Or perhaps your pet is more people orientated and prefers that one on one time that only a person can provide, that’s fine too!

Inspections of the facilities are available between 11am and 2pm, 7 day per week, no appointment necessary. (See hours and fees for exclusion times).

All dogs must be current with the minimum of a C.5 vaccination received a minimum of 10 days prior to boarding. All puppies must have completed their initial course of vaccinations and be past their isolation phase.

We love caring for your dogs when you can’t. Call or visit our dog boarding kennels just north of Adelaide and see how we can help!

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