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Frequently Asked Questions?

What are your rates?

For Current charges in regards to your special friend(s) please see our Hours & Rates.

What is included in the fees?

Daily charges for dogs include all Boarding, bedding, premium Royal Canin food, twice daily exercise sessions and a hydro bath and groom prior to returning home.

Daily charges for cats include all boarding, bedding, premium Royal Canin food, daily exercise and play session and a groom prior to returning home.

My pet has never boarded before, how will they cope?

We hear this quite a lot, we tend to find it is more often than not mum and dad who will be a bit stressed by the situation. Everyone can get a little upset when leaving their family member behind, this is a very natural feeling so please don’t be embarrassed (we always have tissues on the desk). We are all very attached to our own pets too and share our bed with them, we also get attached to the pets in our care and endeavour to treat them as we would our own fur babies.

If owners can stay calm and relaxed on drop off’s we find this helps the pet settle in with ease.
Dogs are mostly social animals and once mum and dad are out of sight all the continual exciting new things like other animals, change of environment and all the sounds and smells fill their heads.
Don’t worry they will still be very happy to see you on your return and tell you all about their adventures and hopefully be very tired too.

How long can my pet stay for?

We can cater to both long term and day care requirements. So whether you are travelling to Adelaide for the day, or heading overseas for a few months we can assist you in your needs. Dependant on the dates required long term discounts may be applicable.

How do I book a spot? And when should I book by?

Bookings can be made either in person at the kennels, via our Website link or by phone on 8380 9415. Bookings should be made with as much notice as possible. Bookings for peak periods, such as Easter, Christmas, Long weekends, should be made a minimum of 3 to 6 months in advance to ensure availability. Deposits are required upon booking to confirm your spot.

What times can I drop my pet off and pick up?

We are open 8am to 5pm, 7 days per week.
Please note we are closed Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Easter Friday through to Easter Monday at 12 noon.

Can we have a look?

Inspections are happily invited any time between 11am and 2pm, 7 days per week. Please note that your pet will not be invited to viewings.
Inspections will not be undertaken on your pets entry in to the kennel, we find that the change of environment and other animals will take their mind off mum and dad leaving and makes for a much calmer and happier pet during their visit.

What do I need to bring with me?

Firstly be sure you have your current vaccination certificate, as entry will be refused without proof of vaccination.
If you wish to bring along any personal belongings, you are more than welcome to do so, just make sure it is nothing too precious!

All dogs must be on a lead and all cats and pocket pets must be in a secure carrier on arrival.

If prescription medication is required ensure you bring it in the original container with veterinary directions and please bring an ample supply in case of delays on your return. For over the counter medications ensure you provide an ample supply for your pets visit.

Can i supply my own food?

We are happy to accommodate customers that wish to supply their own food for no additional charge. 

Please note that your pets energy levels may increase during their stay and in order to keep your pet in the best health increases in food intake may be required, so please ensure you bring an adequate supply for your pets stay.

What happens if my pet is ill while we’re away?

Should your beloved pet feel under the weather during their stay, we will seek veterinary treatment with your preferred veterinary clinic if time and circumstances permit. In all other cases or emergencies for the expediency of treatment our local veterinary clinic (lewiston) or the closest 24 hour veterinary facility will be used. Contact will be made with either yourself or your emergency contact in the event treatment is required. All charges in relation to veterinary treatment will be paid for by the owner.