Accommodation For Dogs

Our facilities are the 5 star equivalent that your pet deserves. We include daily exercise in all of our dog stays and we encourage bringing toys or blankets to help them feel at home. Take advantage of our affordable pick up and delivery service covering metropolitan Adelaide. Only $25 each way.

All dogs staying 5 days or more receive a complimentary bath and groom!


Standard Room

Our larger dogs enjoy our indoor/outdoor fully insulated private kennels which enable them to stay warm and dry on cold or wet days and enjoy fresh air and sunshine when it's warmer. Each boarding room has an elevated bed, automated drinking bowls and enough space to accomodate 2 dogs from the same family.

Smaller dogs enjoy staying in our fully insulated accomodation which is within our reverse cycled, climate controlled cosy facilities. Small dog boarding spaces include comfortable bedding too. Dogs enjoy nutritious and delicious, gourmet selection of Royal Canin dog food.

From $33 Per Day

Luxury Villas

Privacy meets luxury. Enjoy green grassed courtyard views from your private and spacious room. These over-sized villas are generously spacious havens for relaxation, making our guests feel right at home. Offering LCD televisions, a fully climate controlled environment, couch and pillow-top mattress these villas ensure our guests receive the best. Each guest also receives access to their own private play area and a shared courtyard.

To complement the in-room experience, we also offer supervised social Super Playtime in our various play areas. For seamless transfers we offer a Pick-up and Drop-off service across the greater Adelaide region.

From $69 Per Day

Accommodation Options

Standard Room

From $33/day

Private Accommodation or Room To Share For Family Members

Comfy, Clean Bedding

Daily exercise in our various play areas

Nutritious Royal Canin Meals

Nutritious Royal Canin Meals

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Luxury Villas

From $69/day

Private Accommodation or Room To Share For Family Members

LCD Television & Couch for Lounging and Snoozing

Climate Controlled Environment

Individual Private Play Area

Nutritious Royal Canin Meals

Discounts offered for multiple pets from the same family sharing accommodation

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Add Playtime

For $11/day

Socialise With Like-minded Friends!

Play, Exercise, Sniff and Explore In Our Parkland Haven

Temperament Assessment for Suitability

Recommended for all accommodation types

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For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don't hesitate to contact us!  Pricing correct as of Sep 2019.

We can pickup & dropoff! Only $25 each way.

All Inclusive Pricing.

Others charge for the basics. We don't...

What they Can Expect During Their Stay:

01. Premium Royal Canin food is included in the price.  Or you can also choose to bring your own food along - no problem.

02. Outdoor playtime included.  We have spacious and grassy tree filled areas for your pooch to frolic and we include outdoor time each day. 

03. Comfy warm bedding for those cool evenings. Our team make sure each and every guest is snug as a bug in a rug!

04. We can take care of any medication needs.  Our experienced staff will ensure any medicinal regime is taken care of for your peace-of-mind.

05. Everybody has their own little quirks and special traits. We are not only accustomed to this at Penfield Kennels but can appreciate each pet’s individuality. Just let us know what we can do to aid your pet in receiving the time and special care it deserves.

Some Additional Info.

Important things to remember for a great stay:

01. All dogs must be current with the minimum of a C.5 vaccination received a minimum of 10 days prior. Please provide by post, email or in person at or prior to boarding. All puppies must have completed their initial course of vaccinations and be past their isolation phase.

02. PICKUP & DELIVERY For $25 each way, we are happy to offer a professional pick-up directly to your home or place of business for your convenience at your designated time. This service is subject to availability Monday to Friday.
Please note that no guest will be collected from or return to an empty premises. Pickup and delivery to the airport is also available.

03. FOOD: If your pet requires more than one meal per day please inform staff upon booking.

If you are bringing your own food, please note that your pets energy levels may increase during their stay and in order to keep your pet in the best health increases in food intake may be required, so please ensure you bring an adequate supply for your pets stay. Does your dog has an allergy or sensitive tummy and is currently on a veterinary prescribed diet? If so, you will need to supply their own food with instructions.


04. There is an additional charge applicable to weekend and public holiday days of $6.00 per day per animal. This applies to all accommodation types.

LONG WEEKENDS: A minimum 3-day charge applies for long weekends.

CHRISTMAS: A minimum 10-day charge applies for the Christmas holiday period. We are closed Christmas Day and New Years Day.

EASTER: A minimum 5-day charge applies for the Easter holiday period. We are closed Good Friday through to Easter Monday, and re-open at 12 noon on that day.